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At True Zen Wellness, we specialize in preventative and restorative therapies dedicated to helping men and women feel better - both on the inside and the outside. 


For those seeking medical support, we offer customized treatment plans overseen by our physician, Dr. Shawn Stranckmeyer, who is double board certified in Family Medicine and Preventative & Addiction Medicine. 

We offer the following direct patient care appointments both in office and via telemedicine, often with same day appointments available. 

  • Hormone Optimization & Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Mental Health (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression)

  • Weight Loss

  • Wellness & Aesthetics

  • Medical Cannabis Certifications *Missouri only*

  • Complete Healthcare Management

 In addition to our medical offerings, we also offer the following holistic services to compliment health optimization and overall wellbeing.

  • Yoga (private & group)

  • Reiki

  • Life & Mindset Coaching

  • Accountability/Community Groups

  • Sauna & Cold Plunge *coming soon*

  • Travel Retreats  

Shawn Light Headshot Cover Small.jpg

Dr. Stranckmeyer has been practicing medicine since 2013 and has treated thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions. He is double Board Certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine and is currently continuing his education with obtaining a Board Certification with the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  He received his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences and completed his residency in Family Medicine at CoxHealth in Springfield, MO. 


After residency, Dr. Stranckmeyer specialized in pain management and addiction medicine. After years of helping patients navigate chronic pain and addiction recovery, he was led to expand his practice to incorporate hormone optimization, weight management, and behavioral and mental health services which provided his patients with additional modalities and holistic approaches to encompass healthy aging and overall well-being.


Before becoming a physician, Dr. Stranckmeyer proudly served in the United States military as a Marine, embodying the core values of the USMC - honor, courage and commitment. These values continue to guide his approach to patient care and show in his dedication to staying current with medical advancements and honoring the oaths he took as a physician.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Stranckmeyer enjoys life with his wife and three children. He's a diehard Chicago Bears fan, an enthusiast of running and weightlifting, and the proud caregiver of over 100 plants. 

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